Sep 262010
Eagles WR DeSean Jackson

Eagles WR DeSean Jackson

September 26 Philadelphia Inquirer:

“Want to know on which side most of the Eagles stand in the 2010 Great Quarterback Debate?

It’s not with Michael Vick.

It’s not with Kevin Kolb.

And it’s definitely not with Mike Kafka.

No, the players’ support lies behind three other entities, the ones that almost everybody seems to take when the going gets tough and it’s time to pick a side:



And I.

It may be the one thing all 53 Eagles agree on. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

As one offensive starter said, “Honestly, a lot don’t care. Most of these guys are more concerned with their own survival.”

And for the ones that do consider the options at quarterback, they ultimately want the guy who best helps their cause, which includes giving them the best chance at winning now.

NFL players, with an average career span of 31/2 years, aren’t much concerned with rebuilding plans, especially when they aren’t likely to be around for the finished product – if there even is one.

So in that case Vick, clearly ahead of Kolb at this juncture, gets the nod. Other reasons are at play for the players shifting their support to the 2.0 version of Vick. Most notably, they’re in awe of him.

Two younger players stood at their lockers Thursday and recounted with animation the way the 30-year-old has spun out of would-be sacks and made on-target throws on the run. They spoke as if they were two fans sitting at a sports bar.

That doesn’t mean Kolb is without his allies. But if you take the players’ public words at face value, they’re with Vick because that’s what coach Andy Reid decided. And even if you don’t take them at their words, they recognize the disparity in production between the quarterbacks in the last two games and have sided with the hot hand.

Kolb’s standing in the locker room hasn’t lessened. But that certainly can change based on how Vick plays in the coming weeks, starting with Sunday’s game at the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Mostly, though, the non-quarterbacks are just innocent bystanders, casually observing a sideshow to the center of their universe. The day after Reid shocked the NFL with his bombshell, a number of players said they hadn’t even heard about the switch until they woke up or their teammates told them on their arrival at the NovaCare Complex.

Other than answering a few questions about the change, it was business as usual for the rest of the team.

The defense spent most of the week defending its late-game lapse against the lowly Detroit Lions. And, as strong safety Quintin Mikell pointed out, the defense and offense rarely get caught up in each other’s mini-dramas.”

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