Reid, Eagles should release Vick

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Jul 022010

July 2 Camden Courier-Post

 “Those who have spent any time observing the thought process of Andy Reid have learned a few things during the 11 seasons in which he has coached the Eagles.

For one, Reid may listen to advice from people he respects, but the decisions he makes regarding the football team are his own.

For another, he seldom — if ever — considers the needs, wants or input of the team’s huge fan base or the media when making personnel decisions.

Finally, with all the decisions Reid makes he truly believes that he is doing what’s best for the football team. As a result, he will seldom be persuaded to change his mind after a tough call.

That’s why it may be difficult for Reid do the right thing and release quarterback Michael Vick.

Many advised Reid to stay away from Vick, after the quarterback had been convicted and served a 21-month prison term for his involvement in a dogfighting ring. But he saw the decision to sign Vick as a rare opportunity to improve the team by adding a Pro Bowl-caliber quarterback to the roster.

Reid knew the risks, but he gambled on the possibility of some great rewards.

Oops. All Vick ended up doing was mess with Donovan McNabb’s fragile psyche, and the 2009 season ended with a pair of disastrous losses to the Cowboys.

Now that the team has traded McNabb, Reid has a chance to clean the slate by ending the Eagles’ association with Vick.

Reid’s affinity for Vick has never made much sense.

Reid has always prided himself on bringing “character people” into his organization, and Vick simply doesn’t fit that profile. Vick did manage to keep a low profile for a while, he wasn’t able to sustain his apparent conversion.

All the goodwill Vick tried to build went to ruin in the midst of his decision to throw himself a 30th birthday party at a Virginia Beach, Va., nightclub, charging guests $50 to attend.

Then someone got shot outside the location of the party. And now comes word that Virginia Beach police have not ruled out Vick as a suspect or a person of interest in the shooting — although a spokesman said the police have no suspects.”

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