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Eagles defensive coordinator Sean McDermott

Eagles defensive coordinator Sean McDermott

October 31 Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Phil Sheridan:

“There is one major flaw in the speculation that Andy Reid could fire defensive coordinator Sean McDermott at any point in the near future.

Simply put, Reid can’t fire McDermott – not without inviting a lot of hard questions about Reid’s judgment over the last couple of years. At the moment, Reid is not in a position to invite too many of those questions.

Back in January, after the Eagles announced the long-expected promotion of Howie Roseman to general manager, I wondered in a column if the organization had become too insulated. The big meeting room at the NovaCare Complex had become an echo chamber, with the same people thinking the same way for far too long.

So it was all too predictable that Reid would promote McDermott to replace the late Jim Johnson as his defensive coordinator. Reid has always considered it important to promote from within and sees his staff as a hierarchy, with young coaches working their way upward. This isn’t entirely a conceit: Three of his former assistants are head coaches in the NFL and two others are coordinators.

That means Reid’s approach works. But it also means there’s a chance the cream has been skimmed off the top, leaving the less-talented behind.

There’s no objective way to judge McDermott at this point. Last year, he was forced into the coordinator gig after Johnson’s health failed. This year, he has a youngish team without many proven game-changers. The epic collapse against Tennessee last week was bad enough to raise real questions about the men wearing the headsets.”

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