Jul 152011
Reno Mahe mugshot

Great mugshot of former Eagles PR Reno Mahe

Former Eagles return man and fan whipping boy Reno Mahe has been charged with stealing $15,000 worth of gas from a contruction company in Utah, per the area’s Deseret News.

Mahe, 31, is one of five individuals charged in connection to the alleged crime.

The former league leader in punt return average in 2005 (really), Mahe was officially charged with a second degree felony and actually spent part of Thursday in a jail cell before being released pending a court date.

It is said that Mahe and his friends committed the alleged crime from last August through October.  Mahe’s friend Mark Evers is accused of illegally providing gas to Mahe and others via Evers’ employer A-Core Concrete Cutting.

There is apparently surveillance footage showing Mahe, along with  former BYU football player Tevita Ofahengaue, Fred Prescott, and Michael Andrus using Evers’ company access code to put gas in their personal vehicles.  A company audit showed that more than $55,000 was stolen between June 2006 and October 2010, though it seems Mahe is only implicated as being involved as of August 2010.

With gas prices these days and hosting at Chickie’s and Pete’s not paying six figures, it’s hard to blame Mahe for being a bit industrious.  Of course, after being hit with a civil suit regarding the alleged theft, Mahe, like pretty much every other criminal out there, proclaimed his innocence.

“I thought you were allowed to do it,” he said per the paper. “I didn’t steal no gas. I don’t need gas.” 

So, he didn’t steal no gas, though it sounds like he stole an education from BYU but has yet to use it.

Mahe also apparently subscribes to the theory that it’s not stealing as long as you pay for it if you get caught.

“I’ll pay, if that’s the deal,” Mahe said. “I’ll pay my portion back if he wasn’t allowed to give it to me. I’m not worried about that part. As a man, you pay back your debts.”

To date, there have no charges files in the alleged case of Mahe stealing money from the Eagles for multiple years.

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