Mar 222011
Eagles QB Kevin Kolb

Eagles QB Kevin Kolb

By Justin Adkins:

The Kevin Kolb trade talk is heating up even though the Eagles couldn’t trade him right now if a team offered up a Minnesota/Herchel Walker-esque bounty.

So while the labor mess has the football world on pause, nothing can stop us from riding that train of speculation, rumor, and hype.

The latest bit of juice is out there courtesy of csnphilly’s Derrick Gunn, who is reporting that multiple teams have made serious offers for Kolb, and that the Arizaona Cardinals are showing the most interest in the Eagles’ former starter.

That’s an intriguing rumor.

The Cardinals have the fifth pick in the first round of the draft, and even for those of us who really like Kolb and think he’s going to have a great future in the NFL, it would be a massive stretch to envision Arizona parting with that pick straight up.

After Adam Schefter’s report from a couple weeks ago regarding multiple teams being interestd in trading for Kolb, we speculated that a deal with Arizona would be a possibility, with the Eagles likely including their own first round pick with Kolb in a deal to move up to the five spot. 

As we said then, the Cardinals quarterback situation is a complete mess right now.  Derek Anderson started most of last season and was pretty much terrible.  He is likely getting cut, leaving second year players John Skelton and Max Hall, who both showed in 2010 that they are likely no more than career backups.  They could possibly develop into starters, but it would likely take years and Arizona needs to win now.  Kolb could step in and give them a chance to do just that.   

So the Eagles could possibly look to package Kolb and the Eagles own first-round pick, number 23, for Arizona’s number five.   

A Kolb-plus-23 for five deal would put Kolb’s value at around the 17 or 18 spot in the first round, based on the NFL’s draft pick value chart.  With Kolb’s value at it’s highest right now, that may even be a little low.  With so many teams needing a quarterback, and with the lack of impact quarterbacks in the draft along with the distinct likelihood that the top two, Auburn’s Cam Newton and Missouri’s Blaine Gabbert could be gone by pick five, the Eagles may have a variety of scenarios to choose from.  That said, it’s highly unlikely a team moves out of the top five without getting a very high return, pick value chart be damned.

As it is, it’s a deal a team like Arizona needs to make.  Any team should be hesitant to take a risk on a high pick quarterback who is just as likely to bust out of the NFL as become a star, especially in this draft where the top tier quarterbacks are seen as far from sure things.  Trading for young veteran with starting experience and high-end skills should be a no-brainer.

For the Eagles, that deal would be huge as well since they would be moving a player they don’t really need anymore while getting a top five pick and retaining their own second rounder.  The latter could be used on an offensive lineman or linebacker, with the former used on an impact player like a cornerback or defensive lineman. 

If LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson falls to five, Eagles fans should cry tears of incredible joy.  If not, there would still be other fantastic options with that pick.  One of the stud defensive tackles in Auburn’s Nick Fairley or Alabama’s Marcel Dareus should be there, and Nebraska cornerback Prince Amukamara would be a great pick and immediate starter.  

Eagles general manager recently talked up Amukamara, which is very non-Reid-like and could be typical smoke-screening.  As always, it’s hard to get a feel for what they’re going to do.  But that won’t stop us from from talking about it. 

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