Jul 032011
Eagles QB Kevin Kolb

Eagles QB Kevin Kolb (photo: Keith Lovett)

With the NFL lockout hopefully ending soon, we can finally move on to the best part of the offseason – the ever-churning rumor mill.  And there isn’t a player involved in more trade rumors this year than Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb.

So it’s not a surprise that a big one is out there right now. 

Dave “Softy” Mahler of Sport Radio 950 KJR in Seattle tweeted Friday that a source told him the Seahawks have already offered the Eagles first and third round picks for Kolb.  Offered, as in, under the table, technically not allowed offered, not “will offer once the lockout ends”.

Obviously teams are talking during the lockout, just as teams talk to free agents before they’re supposed to (how else did the Redskins sign Albert Haynesworth to that awful contract right after midnight two years ago?).

The Seahawks have been linked to Kolb pretty much all offseason, with Peter King going on the record saying the Seahawks already offered a first rounder, so it’s not a surprise to hear more rumors.

But if that offer is true, once the lockout ends expect the teams to give a little time so as not to appear like the Redskins did with Haynesworth (or really, what the Eagles did with Asante Samuel) and then consummate the deal.  Because there’s no way the Eagles can turn up their nose at a first and a third rounder for Kolb and they likely won’t wait to allow Seattle to get cold feet. 

Unless of course the Eagles think the Arizona Cardinals, who have also been linked to Kolb this offseason, will better the offer.  And while the Cards desperately need a quarterback it’s unlikely they would offer more.

Ultimately, the Seattle rumor could be complete BS, but it’s better than talking about how the rich are going to split up the money bin.

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