Sep 272010
Eagles CB Asante Samuel

Eagles CB Asante Samuel

September 27 Philadelphia Daily News:

“Truth be told, it can get a little lonely over on Asante Samuel’s side of the field sometimes. Teams really don’t throw his way very much. It is the ultimate sign of respect in the NFL. And even though Samuel has gotten his hands on three or four balls so far this season, yesterday was the first time he was able to catch one.

Interceptions are his game. Turnovers – and the way they turn uncertainty into certainty – are why Samuel makes the cash. His pick in the middle of the third quarter of the Eagles’ 28-3 victory essentially snuffed out Jacksonville’s final hope. Trailing by 14-3 but sorta kinda hanging around, Jags quarterback David Garrard attempted a long throw toward the sideline on a third-and-15 play from his 23-yard line.

Garrard didn’t quite have the oomph to get the ball to Mike Sims-Walker. Samuel saw it, drove on it and devoured it – and when Michael Vick hit Jeremy Maclin with a 45-yard touchdown pass on the next play, that was that.

“As long as I’m getting my hands on the ball, I’m doing something good,” Samuel said. “That’s what it’s about – getting your hands on the ball, stopped them and getting off the field on third down, making plays.”

Since he arrived in Philadelphia in 2008, Samuel has 14 interceptions. In that time, the only NFL player with more is the Packers’ Charles Woodson with 16. And while it is hard to know what to make of a game such as this one – the Jaguars really aren’t very good – it was obviously the best outing for an Eagles defense that was worst in the league in points allowed after two games.”

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