Jan 092011
Eagles QB Kevin Kolb

Eagles QB Kevin Kolb

By Justin Adkins:

On today’s Sunday NFL Countdown, ESPN’s Adam Schefter said that the Eagles have set their asking price for quarterback Kevin Kolb — and it isn’t low.

“The only way the Eagles deal Kevin Kolb is for two first-round picks, minimum,” Schefter said.


I really like Kolb and was disappointed he lost the starting job, but that’s a steep price.  Kolb’s skills and demonstrated NFL ability should be enough to get them a 1st rounder from a QB-needy team, but two is extreme.

So extreme that it’s likely deceit by design. 

The Eagles most likely do not intend to trade Kolb; instead, they want to keep him for another year, likely with Michael Vick being retained as well with the franchise tag.  This will give the Eagles time to fully determine Vick’s true value for a long-term contract, and possibly more importantly, will ensure that they have Kolb as a viable option if in the offseasn the new Vick goes back to being the old Vick.

There is also Vick’s penchant for taking big shots and sustaining injuries.  He missed multiple games this year due to various issues, and as his age creeps past 30, his body’s ability to recover will start to rapidly decline.

As for Kolb, he made a nice chunk of money this season, but his salary for next year is in the very affordable $1-2 million range.  That’s even more reason for the financially conservative Eagles to keep him on. 

Plus, trading Kolb would put the Eagles in the market for a veteran backup, where it’s generally a slopfest.  Maybe they’ll take a flier on Vince Young?  Unlikely that, though.  Vick may be a heinous torturer, but at least he’s not a crybaby with alleged suicidal tendencies.

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