Aug 012010

August 1 Camden Courier-Post

 “A few minutes after 9 a.m. Saturday, training camp was transformed into football camp for the Philadelphia Eagles.

It was heralded with the ear-piercing blast of an air horn, enthusiastic trotting to their stations by the padded practitioners wearing green and white, and by abundant applause and frequent shrieks of delight from the bleachers.

In gladiatorial terms, it was the release-the-lions moment.

The true savagery was about to commence here on the pristine athletic fields of Lehigh University, beneath South Mountain.

“It’s tackling,” outside linebacker Ernie Sims said, a gleam in his eye, “and being physical. That’s the name of the game . . . It’s not all about just running around. It definitely feels good to put the pads on and get to hittin’.”

The pleasant blue skies and cooler-than-usual temperature provided what almost seemed too serene a setting for the upcoming fray.

The arrival of contact was relished.

“When you put the pads on, you can do some different things,” said Riley Cooper, a rookie wideout from Florida trying to make an impression, “and that’s definitely a plus.””

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