Feb 252012
Robert Griffin III should be the Eagles number 1 priority

The Eagles need Robert Griffin III

Robert Griffin III is going to light the NFL on fire.  He’s as athletic as Vick but with actual brains and without the psychosis.  Plus, RG3 has something neither Vick nor Donovan McNabb ever had — accuracy.  And his arm isn’t bad either.

And as of now, the word going around is that only one team has been confirmed to have privately met with Griffin at the Combine – the Eagles.  And the Eagles need to do everything they can to get him to Philadelphia.  It sounds crazy since Griffin’s likely to go to whoever is picking in the two spot currently occupied by St Louis, but it’s possible.

Here’s how:

The Eagles trade their first round pick (15 overall) plus their own second rounder (46 overall) plus Tampa’s fourth rounder (99 overall – acquired in 2011 draft day trade) plus next year’s first rounder (say they make the playoffs and get like the 25th pick) plus DeSean Jackson.

According to the arguably outdated draft value chart the Eagles collection of picks is worth about 2300 points while the second overall pick is worth 2600.  Adding DeSean in this scenario would mean his value would be about a late second rounder.  It’s debatable whether the Eagles would get more or less for him straight up but that’s at least in the vicinity.

St Louis desperately needs a receiver for Sam Bradford.  And since they’re terrible and need help everywhere they should be glad to move out of the two spot and pick up some solid picks as well as a superstar player.  They certainly don’t need to take a quarterback.  Trading out maximizes their value.

For the Eagles, they get rid of a headache and pick up a franchise quarterback they can develop for a year and who can then take over when Vick and his bloated contract and underachieving, injury-prone ass gets cut loose after the season.

The potential issue with the values here is that with the new Collective Bargaining Agreement high draft picks don’t see anywhere near the financial windfall that they did in the past.  So that second pick is even more valuable now.  The Eagles may have to throw in even more to make this work.  Maybe the Eagles can throw in Asante.  St Louis needs all the talent they can get.

Giving up an extra first rounder as well as multiple other picks (and a dynamic playmaker) stings a bit but it’s not often a team gets a chance to draft a legit franchise quarterback.  Plus, they would still have second (from Arizona), third, and fourth rounders in addition to their other later round picks to address holes on the defense.  And they can still trade Asante for a pick or picks (assuming he doesn’t go west with DeSean). 

Another huge reason to do this is simply to keep RGIII away from the Redskins, who would be crazy not to try and trade up.  And with their history of trading picks for far lesser talent and their complete disgrace of a quarterback situation, they’re going to try.

This is a critical chance for the Eagles to write the story of the next decade of  football in Philadelphia and they need to do whatever it takes to make it happen. 

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