Feb 082011
Jon Gruden will not coach Eagles

Jon Gruden will not be coaching the Eagles (unfortunately)

By Justin Adkins:

It’s the day after the great Jon Gruden Is Replacing Andy Reid rumor debacle, and there are a lot of discussions out there about how an obviously untrue rumor, one that was debunked almost immediately, could spread like it worked in the red light district. 

The explanation is easy, really — people wanted to believe it.

After many, many years of plans, promises, and vows to do a better job there, Eagles fans want a change.  Specifically, they want Reid gone.  Most have had enough of the Andy Reid era and are willing to jump on a new option faster than DeSean can burn LaRon Landry.

Reid rode the coattails of another underachiever in Donovan McNabb, who was just good enough to mask Reid’s many flaws.  Having a playmaking quarterback goes a long way towards hiding an inept game plan, poor and illogical play calling, and absolutely pathetic time management.

When Reid finally decided that McNabb couldn’t get the job done, he shocked the NFL world by selecting McNabb’s replacement, Kevin Kolb, from out of nowhere.  And once McNabb finally hit the point of diminishing returns, the much-maligned QB was shipped off to the bumbling Redskins.

And a now McNabb-less Eagles came up short yet again in 2010.

After 12 long years, it’s time to move on.  It’s time for a fresh voice, a new take.  It’s time for an Eagles team that is always not quite good enough to take the next step.  So when an option other than Reid is brought up, people pounce on it like a Cowboy fan at a Wal-Mart sale.

It doesn’t hurt that Gruden is pretty much the polar opposite of Andy Reid — brash, in love with the eff bomb, exuding passion and intensity in pretty much every situation, especially on the sidelines.  All traits that play well in the hearts of Philadelphia sports fans.

Gruden is also a Super Bowl winner.  He took over an underachieving Tampa team from long time coach Tony Dungy and took them to the next level.  It’s an easy parallel comparison for anyone, especially Eagles fans, to make.

Fans want change they can believe in, and many believe that Gruden can Obamify the hell out of an organization desperately in need of a makeover.

So yeah, it was all made up (thanks for the entertainment, Kyle Eckel), but it was fun to at least think about on an otherwise quiet Monday after the Super Bowl. 

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