Jul 092010

July 9 USA Today  

“Former NFL coach Tony Dungy said Thursday that Michael Vick may still face repercussions from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell despite police in Virginia clearing him of criminal wrongdoing in a June 25 shooting at his birthday party.

Speaking to the Dan Patrick radio show, Dungy said Vick, on probation for his 2007 dogfighting conviction, was wrong to put himself in a dangerous situation at the birthday party that was open to the public for an admission fee. “You can’t do anything that’s going to put a bad face on the NFL,” Dungy said, “…he probably didn’t live up to that.”

While Vick has avoided criminal liability at the party, Dungy noted that the event “could have been disastrous and may still be” if the NFL or federal probation officials decide Vick overstepped boundaries.

Goodell is investigating whether Vick broke the terms of his 2009 reinstatement. Dungy said he spoke to Vick the day after the incident, in which the AP reported that his former codefendant, Quanis Phillips, was shot. Police have identified the shooter but said they can’t prosecute now because of a lack of cooperation from the victim and witnesses.”

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