Trent Cole thinks he’s underrated

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May 172011
Eagles DE Trent Cole

Eagles DE Trent Cole (photo: Tech. Sgt. Scott T. Sturkol)

With nothing going on in the NFL thanks to the collective greed of the owners and players, the NFL Network is obviously struggling for fresh programming.  So when all else fails do a Top-whatever list, and that’s exactly what they’re doing.

The league’s television arm has recently started unveiling their list of the top 100 players in 2011 based on 2010 performance, voted for by the players themselves.  Eagles defensive end Trent Cole came in at No. 73 and he’s not exactly happy about it, as evidenced yesterday by his multiple consecutive Twitter comments:

“That’s a low number being rated at but I at least made the top 100.  I’m used to being underrated so I laugh.”

“I will just have to keep doing things on the field.”

“Who ever is doing the rating on players wake the hell up and smell what this country boy is cookin!”

He was just warming up.

“Underrated will not be a word anymore after this year because its officially banned from the Cole Camp.”

“To my fans we have to put a stop to me being underrated. Well I just tell them don’t rate me ever again or use my name on any list.”

And apparently not all players got a voting ballot.

“Well if they say it is rated by the players that’s a lie……”

Eagles head coach Andy Reid, who introduced the clip of Cole on the show, is obviously a fan.

“Against the run and pass, he can play both equally well. He can do everything he’s supposed to do and a little bit more. With age and experience, he’s gotten better. He knows all the tricks.”

Cole is an elite pass rusher and probably deserved to go higher.  Recently his production has slipped a bit late in the season though some of that can be attributed to him seeing constant double or even triple teams.  When the other side of the line isn’t doing much, and the defensive tackles couldn’t rush the passer if the other team’s center and guards took the day off, it’s going to wear on a guy.

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