Jul 152010

by Justin Adkins

Per today’s AP story, Michael Vick has yet more financial explaining to do. 

After admitting to the systematic torture and killing of dogs during his years running a dog fighting/gambling operation, Vick was sentenced to Federal prison.

But before he put on the orange jumpsuit, Vick spread around some of his liquid assets (it’s unclear if it was money earned in the NFL or on betting on whether one dog could violently kill another) to members of his family and/or entourage. 

This is per a lawsuit filed in U.S. Bankruptcy court by the trustee in Vick’s bankruptcy case.  The trustee is seeking repayment of at least $2 million.

The trustee alleges that Vick knew his NFL career was severely jeopardized by Vick’s pending prison term, and instead of repaying creditors, Vick purposely gave the money away. 

Paul Campsen, Vick’s bankruptcy attorney, did not immediately return the AP’s calls on Thursday.

The Eagles have yet to comment on this situation.

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