Jul 212010

July 21 Philadelphia Inquirer

“DeSean Jackson is unlikely to get – or even want – his contract restructured despite the revised deal that Tennessee running back Chris Johnson reportedly agreed to Monday, according to a league source familiar with the way the Eagles negotiate contracts.

The Eagles wide receiver, like Johnson, expressed dissatisfaction with the contract he signed as a rookie. But Jackson’s situation is much different from Johnson’s, even though both 2008 draft picks have become offensive stars after two seasons.

Unlike Jackson, who was drafted in the second round, Johnson received a signing bonus up front as the Titans’ first-round pick and was signed to a five-year deal. But the Associated Press’ 2009 offensive player of the year was slated to earn only $500,000 this season.

The 24-year-old Jackson is due to make a little more than $800,000.

Because of Johnson’s fifth year, however, Tennessee was able to move up some of the money from the fifth year of the deal – the only year in a rookie contract in which a player can make more than the minimum – and bump the running back’s salary up to $2.5 million this season.

That number is a far cry from the $30 million Johnson originally said he wanted from the Titans and, in fact, doesn’t award him any additional money.

Players still in their rookie contracts have been hamstrung by a new rule in the league’s labor agreement that restricts pay increases to 30 percent. Johnson and Jackson ostensibly have been victims of this rule and by their respective teams’ unwillingness to give either a large bonus.”

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