Vick signs tender; Akers refuses

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Mar 022011
Eagles K David Akers

Eagles K David Akers

By Justin Adkins:

The Eagles have confirmed that quarterback Michael Vick has signed his one-year franchise tag tender

The man will now enjoy a guaranteed salary of $16 million for 2011 (assuming there is a 2011 season and Vick avoids trouble long enough to remain employed in the league).

Not a bad one-year haul for a text book-case psychopath, especially for one dealing with bankruptcy.  It still remains to be seen whether the Eagles will commit to him long-term or whether Vick’s future finances will be left twisting in the wind — just like the dogs who displeased him.

On the other side of the coin is David Akers, who has never admitted to engaging in freakishly inhumane acts of Hostel-esque levels of torture but is refusing to sign the transition tag tender.

It’s basically just smart business.  While Vick was given the exclusive version of the franchise tag, meaning no team could even make the free agent felon a contract offer, Akers is under no such restriction.  Once the new league year actually begins, the pending free agent kicker will be free to shop his services to any other team.  He can then either sign any contract offered, which the Eagles could then choose to match, or bring any contract offer back to the Eagles directly, allowing them to make their own offer based on that.  If the Eagles choose not to match, the team would receive no compensation.  If Akers signs the tender, he can no longer negotiate a long term deal with another team. 

Since he’d rather secure a long term deal instead of playing on the one-year contract that comes with the tender, it makes sense for Akers to avoid signing the Eagles offer.  It doesn’t necessarily mean the veteran kicker won’t be back in green next season.

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