Jul 042011
New Flyers tough guy Maxime Talbot

New Flyers tough guy Maxime Talbot

It looks like in the midst of completely overhauling the team, the Flyers may have made a little accounting mistake regarding the terms of Maxime Talbot’s contract.

Per TSN.ca’s Gord Miller, the final years of the deal technically violate the NHL’s salary cap rules.

Basically, the first two years of Talbot’s contract are worth $2.5 million and $2.25 million respectively, with the final two years reportedly worth $1 million per.  According to the NHL, the final two years of a contract can not be worth less than half of either of the first two years of the deal.

So the Flyers are going to need to do a little corrective accounting, moving some money around so that the percentages equal out, or they could beef up the deal by making the fourth or fifth year worth at least $1.125 million.

Either way, not a huge deal and the Flyers should face no penalty or sanction assuming the problem is corrected promptly.

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