Nov 212011

After a few false alarms driven by the black market (thanks Far Eastern scammers!), the Flyers have officially unveiled the jerseys they will be wearing in the 2012 Winter Classic.

Pic via Sarah Baicker at

Flyers Oficial 2012 Winter Classic Jerseys

Photo of Blair Betts and Brayden Schenn modeling here.

Nothing too dramatic or really even that special, though the lace-up front is pretty cool.  It’s just good that these are finally out there officially so those hideous knock offs can be laid to rest.

The team is obviously happy with the final results.

“This is definitely different, definitely special,” Flyers chairman Ed Snider said at the unveiling. “And a special occasion – we’re proud to host. It’s interesting that we’re in the locker room of the baseball team while we’re announcing this. Seeing the players’ names here in the locker room, that’s kind of interesting too. It’s pretty unique.”