Sep 072011
Flyers GM Paul Holmgren

Flyers GM Paul Holmgren

Good news for Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren.  He may never get to the Tour de France, but after Monday’s bicycle accident he’s doing OK.

Holmgren says he’s “sore” but is otherwise feeling OK, per

“It appears that he might have hit a rut or something as he was biking in Avalon,” Flyers president Peter Luukko said in a statement. “I know Paul and he’s pretty fast on that bike, so he probably went over pretty hard.

“He has some broken ribs, [a] broken shoulder, and stitches on his leg and arm.”

So those injuries notwithstanding, Holmgren is fine.  He remains at Cooper Medical Center where he was treated.  It’s not known how long he’ll be in but it sounds like it won’t be for too long.