May 102010

by Mike Radano

Many years ago, some bigwig under the leadership of Ted Turner down in the Atlanta offices of TBS and TNT had a gem of an idea.

Take a movie, good or bad, and just ram it down the throats of viewers. Show the same big budget flick three straight nights and two more times during the week when the only other offering was Guiding Light or Ryan’s Hope and the ratings will come cheap.

It’s really a brilliant strategy, especially the reruns during the week where college students could sit around the dorm or frat house, mix up some Mac and Cheese and skip a Sports in Literature class to watch Jaws for the 123rd time.

One such movie is “Twister,” which is on at least once a month and despite some plot holes and the use of sugar coated Van Halen music (what happened to your balls Sammy), is an easy two hours of viewing pleasure. Let’s face it, Helen Hunt was in her prime and that white T-Shirt is easy on the eyes.

What’s the point? Easy, Jamie Gertz, long after she saved Jason Patric from Keifer Sutherland, utters (bad pun) the now infamous phrase “we’ve got cows” as the same bovine sails by for the second time locked up in a tornado.

Well Flyers fans, “We’ve got cows.”

Actually, make that male cow excrement better known as bullshit.

The spin doctors over at the Wachovia Center and SkateZone have worked their magic. They’ve taken a 3-1 deficit in a best-of-7 series against Boston and turned the pressure up on . . . the Bruins.

“We certainly feel good about the way we played, and we played [two] good games in Boston,” head coach Peter Laviolette was quoted in a CSNPhilly piece. “The way we played we certainly felt we out-chanced them [especially] in Game 3. We didn’t get the results we were looking for.

“When you find yourself down 3-0, … then you win a game, the pressure shifts back to them because they’re supposed to close the deal. We’re looking forward to the game in Boston. The longer the series goes, when you’re up, what the players are talking about, the more it becomes a burden [on the team ahead].”

Sorry, not buying it.

If the series gets back to Philadelphia, the pressure is still on the Flyers to win. The Bruins have already shown they can win in a sea of orange and black. They’ve won a pair of tight games and lest we forget, rallied from 3-1 down to almost take Game 4. In fact, has there been a worse defensive play in the Stanley Cup Playoffs that the one that allowed not one but two Bruins to sit wide open next to the net when Mark Recchi tied the game on Friday night.

Yeah, the Flyers won but did they seize the momentum?

The Flyers will tell you they did and the pressure is on Boston. The Flyers will have you believe they can play a wide open game on Monday night because at this point they have nothing to lose.

Sorry, again not buying it.

This was a team that was supposed to be a Stanley Cup contender when the season began not a seventh seed on a nice run come May. This was supposed to be a team that could end a 35-year championship drought, not one that faced early elimination by the sixth seed.

This is not to say the Flyers won’t or can’t win on Monday night. It’s just to say to Coatsey, Holmgren, Clarkie and Mr. Snider that it’s time to stop with the BS and figure out what is wrong with this organization.

It’s time to understand that security in net means more than another center. It’s time to understand that for most hockey fans across North America and certainly in Europe that the Broad Street Bullies is seen as a dark period for the game and not the way to parade around town with the most recognizable trophy in sports.

It’s time to be accountable and man up for a pressure filled Game 5 in Boston. It’s time to forget about bad ice, a goaltender that stands on his head or the officials and their obvious vendetta against this organization.

It took the Phillies 28 years to understand that chicks may love the long ball but everyone loves a winner. It’s now time for the Flyers to forget that Philadelphia still loves the Bullies but they love winners even more.

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