Flyers working to sign Coburn

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Jun 302010

June 30 Philadelphia Daily News”Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren spent much of his time yesterday negotiating with current Flyers who are restricted free agents before the annual signing frenzy begins leaguewide tomorrow. 

Braydon Coburn, Darroll Powe and Dan Carcillo are the Flyers’ notable restricted free agents. 

Powe and Carcillo should be due small raises – and were already offered the mandatory 110 percent salary hike. Both players could be looking for more. Coburn, on the other hand, could be due a lot more. 

“The only one, I don’t want to use the word difficult, but the only one would be Braydon Coburn. If you look at what he has done the last couple of years for our team he was probably underpaid,” Holmgren said. “Right now we are just seeing how things fit. Obviously, they are at a number and we are at a number and we are trying to come to an agreement.” 

Coburn, 25, had a salary-cap hit of $1.3 million last season. Pittsburgh’s Kris Letang, a player with similar stats and minutes played, signed a 4-year deal last offseason worth $3.5 million per season. 

Coburn could command a shade below Letang’s value, given that he played more than 25 minutes per night (25:09) during the Flyers’ run to the Stanley Cup finals. 

Holmgren and Coburn’s agent, Gerry Johannson, began negotiating an extension back in March but were not close on a number then.”

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