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Flyers forward Claude Giroux

Flyers forward Claude Giroux

November 7 Philadelphia Inquirer:

“Before we talk about young Flyers center Claude Giroux’s turning into a superstar before our eyes, let’s go back to 2005, Ryan Howard’s rookie season with the Phillies.

Back then, Phillies manager Charlie Manuel was asked if the lefthanded-hitting slugger reminded him of anyone.

“A little like Willie Stargell,” Manuel said.

Since Stargell was a Hall of Famer who had been one of the game’s best long-ball hitters, Manuel could see his comment was met with surprise.

“I’m not saying he’s going to be Willie Stargell,” Manuel said. “I’m saying he reminds me of him because of the way he hits for power the opposite way.”

All of which is a roundabout way of getting to the 22-year-old Giroux, who, like Howard, drew gaudy comparisons in his rookie season.

In March 2009, Flyers winger Simon Gagne raised eyebrows when he compared Giroux, then 20, to Peter Forsberg.

“There’s a lot of Peter in him. He’s very good at handling the puck and he’s got that vision,” Gagne said at the time. “He’s not a shooter and he’s going to try to make that play first. He likes to pass and make plays. That’s what Peter was good for. He’s very good at keeping the puck and drawing people to him or beating them one-on-one.””

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