May 192011
Flyers free agent Nik Zherdev

Flyers free agent Nik Zherdev (photo: bridgetds via wikicommons)

Soon-to-be Flyers free agent Nik Zherdev has allegedly gotten in trouble, and this time it’s much more serious than his lack of effort on the ice.

According to Russian newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets, via, on Wednesday Zherdev got into an agrument with his wife while out at breakfast with some friends.  At some point Zherdev’s wife left and locked herself in his Bentley.

His wife eventually tried to drive out of the parking lot, but Zherdev caught up to the vehicle and supposedly started beating on it Mrs Woods-style with a metal pole he had picked up.  FYI – that Bentley likely cost over 200 grand.

During the vehicular beatdown, Zherdev was allegedly screaming obscenities and threatened his wife’s life.  She eventually got away and went to police.  As of now, it doesn’t look like he’s been charged.

Zherdev’s lackadaisical play on the ice likely ensured his depature from the Flyers, and this incident, if true, would probably confirm it. 

UPDATE: per Dmitry Chesnokov (@dchesnokov), the director of the restaurant where the alleged altercation between Zherdev and his wife took place tells Sovetsky Sport the report is false.

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