Feb 212012
New Flyers D Pavel Kubina

New Flyers D Pavel Kubina

Here’s a sampling of some recent/active threads from the PSC Flyers message board, including the first post of each.  Click the thread title to get the latest news and updates and to participate in the discussion:

Thread: GDT 2/21/12 Flyers @ Jets
Game starts at 7:00. Let’s get the win.
Thread: Kubina’s a Flyer.

DarrenDreger Pending league approval, Pavel Kubina has been traded to Philadelphia.

Thread: Did Somebody Say “Rick Nash?”

[Editor’s note: rolling discussion thread for ongoing Rick Nash trade rumors.]

Thread: Flyers Carnival
Went yesterday, family got a photo w/ Jagr.  Super nice guy, looked to be having a great time.  Friend of mine got Bryz’ autograph, said he was a miserable bastard that didn’t even look him in the eye.  lolz.
Thread: Flyers acquire D Nicklas Grossman from the Stars for 2nd and 3rd round draft picks

Pierre LeBrun @Real_ESPNLeBrun Flyers get their d-man in Nicklas Grossman. Good pick up
Philadelphia Flyers @NHLFlyers TRADE: #Flyers have acquired (D) Nicklas Grossman from Dallas in exchange for a 2012 2nd rd pick(from LA) & 2013 3rd rd pick(from MIN).

Thread: The thread for Eklund and HockeyBreak rumors

Post them here. I’m annoyed by seeing them in the real Flyers news thread. TIA.

Thread: So the trade deadline is fast approaching…what would YOU do?

the deadline is coming up and we know that there are some major needs on defense if the Flyers want to truly contend this season. but is it worth it for this year?  what moves would you make? if any?  inquiring minds want to know your thoughts. time’s yours.

Thread: Flyers News/Updates/Rumors

[Editor’s note:  check out PSC’s rolling thread for miscellaneous Flyers news, rumors, and info.]

Thread: Around the league (non-Flyers) games/updates/news thread

[Editor’s note: PSC’s rolling news/update/other games GDTs discussion thread]