Jan 272012

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Thread: GDT: NHL All-Star Weekend Draft/Skillz/Game

draft is Thursday night. I’m guessing Giroux goes within the top five picks. probably to the team that Lupul is assistant captaining (chara’s I think).  what skills competition events do you want our guys to participate in? I don’t want Giroux anywhere near the fastest skater competition. I could see timonen as one of the passers on the most accurate shot thing. no idea what they’ll have hartnell doing but he should be mic’d up.  don’t really enjoy the game all that much but with three of our guys there I’ll probably watch a little more than usual.

Thread: Giroux Fluff Piece from Men’s Health

All Star Break thread:

Thread: Flyers Fight Thread 2011-2012

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Thread: shootouts – angelo’s take

apparently cataldi is as good at hockey editorializing as he is at the other sports.  says this morning that they should be pulling bryz out after tie games to put bob in for shootouts.  FURTHER says that the reason lavi isn’t doing this is because it would damage bryz’s psyche.  tried to get ricky bo to go with him about how a starting pitcher in a 1 run game with 2 men on in the 9th would be upset that the manager didn’t let him finish the game.

completely refused to listen to morganti point out that when you insert a relief pitcher, it’s what they do, and they’ve been warming up in the bullpen – a goalie for jsut a shootout hasn’t seen (and isn’t allowed to see) any shots before the shootout starts.  the stupidity was saved by them re-playing the bryz/borat – coatsey – bernie ‘let it be’ song.

Thread: Bryzgalov

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Thread: Flyers News/Updates/Rumors

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Thread: Around the league (non-Flyers) games/updates/news thread

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