Oct 132011
Flyers D Chris Pronger scores goal against Canucks

Chris Pronger and Jaromir Jagr celebrate Pronger's goal

With Wednesday night’s 5-4 victory over the Vancouver Canucks, the Flyers have started the season 3-0 for just the eleventh time in franchise history.  For a team that went through a complete overhaul, they look pretty good.  They’re basically the anti-Eagles.

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Thread: GDT 10/12 Home Opener! FLYERS vs. CANUCKS; 7:30 start time

[Editor’s note — this is the gameday discussion thread from Tuesday night’s win]

Thread: Hockey Fights Cancer Video

Pretty sure this would happen in just about any hockey arena except Chicago, Pittsburgh, or Buffalo…but, of course, it happened in Philly and is all over the front pages.

Thread: The maturity and professionalism of this team has increased 10 fold.

It’s amazing how different this teams attitude is after ridding itself of a rotten core of players.  Every interview seems to be conducted well, the players carry themselves with confidence and answer the questions thoughtfully and without pouting.  Pronger is still going to be a cocky cock, but his sparring with the media is expected and appreciated on all fronts.  There haven’t been any standard issue hockey answers, no dodging tough questions and at the same time there have been no slips, no set ups, and no whining.  At one point during Giroux’s post game one of the idiot reporters tried to corner Giroux about the team letting up 40 shots and without skipping a beat Giroux counterd “Yeah but how many powerplays did they have? You figure they get at least 2 shots per powerplay so of course the shots are going to pile up”.  It was a small encounter that will probably be easily forgotten over the course of the year but that exchange itself would have been completely different had it been asked to last year’s fearless leader.  The whole team is a breath of fresh air.

Thread: Betts fiasco costs Flyers a 6th round pick

Didn’t see this posted…  The Flyers sent Stefan Legein and a 6th rd pick to The Kings for future considerations.  The reason for the move was because with Blair Betts being returned the Flyers were over their 50 contract limit.  Seems minor but still not a good thing.

Thread: HBO 24/7 Flyers/Rangers

When will they start to air this?

Thread: Crosby Finished?

Going around the web that he is still experiencing concussion symptoms. He’s gonna get popped again if he ever makes it back. Lindros’d