Oct 152011
Flyers forward Scott Hartnell

Scott Hartnell will be excited to see his buddy Mike Richards returning to Philly

The Flyers will host the Los Angeles Kings tonight at 7pm, marking the return of former captain and non-fan of Dry Island — Mike Richards.  Should be a bizarre sight watching Richards skate against the orange and black.

Let’s make it 4-0.

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Thread: GDT 10/15 Return of Richards! FLYERS vs. KINGS 7:00pm

… As well as Gags, Stevens, Williams, Hex…you get the point.

Thread: Hartnell bummed his buddies are gone?

Per RandyJMiller (retweeted by Lisa Hillary) #Flyers Hartnell on Richards “A 24-year-old multi-millionaire likes to have beers. What a shocker that is.”

Thread: Brayden Schenn

Whats the deal here? Are we going to see him soon? Is he injured? Is he playing at all?  If/when he comes back up, where does he go? Hartnell scratched?

Thread: Flyers Fight Thread 2011-2012

Hockey fights are awesome so I’m starting this rolling thread of Flyers fights for this year. I’ll add the fights after the game. Hopefully I won’t get lazy and give up half way through the year.

Thread: OK so I was wrong…

I’m sure you guys remember my thread from a few months ago bitching about the Richards/Carter trades. While I’m a huge Richards fan and always will be I was wrong about Simmonds. I saw some of his play in LA and wasn’t impressed. I thought he was a goon that could pot an occasional goal. I like his play. I’m not completely sold on Voracek yet but I will admit when I’m wrong.  I’m not gonna get too excited because they’re 3-0, I do see them hitting a mid season slump, they’re still very young in a lot of aspects. I will say this though, it’s a weird feeling watching a goalie(OUR goalie) steal a game for us…I don’t know how to handle it, lol.