Jan 132012
Maple Leafs defenseman Luke Schenn

Could the Flyers trade for Luke Schenn?

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Thread: 1/12 GDT: Flyers at Isles

[Editor’s note: check out PSC’s Flyers-Islanders gameday thread to get a recap and play-by-play reaction to Thursday’s game.]

Thread: 1/14 GDT: Flyers vs. Nashville – RIP DMC

might as well put this up before I forget to do it tomorrow. do they stay with the hot hand in bob? gotta think so. Cooter going for four in a row. giroux and company are due for a big game. our friend DMC is likely to die at some point this weekend. I’ll see you in Heaven someday, buddy.

Thread: Flyers scouting Luke Schenn?

Seravalli seems to think the Flyers are looking at Luke Schenn as a possibility to help replace Pronger.

Thread: Flyers Headed to the All Star Game Are…

Congrats to Claude Giroux, Kimmo Timonen, Matt Read and Sean Couturier, who ALL will be going to the NHL All-Star Game as All-Stars in Ottawa!  congrats boys!

Thread: Kimmo Timonen.

Warrior.  Considering he was starting to decline a couple years ago and then all of a sudden picked his game up and has been very good since, I’m surprised at his current level of play.  On top of it, while he may be aging and seems to get hurt every now and then, he’s somehow on a 226-game consecutive games played streak. I never would’ve guessed. Thought he missed some games here and there.  Hell, he wasn’t even supposed to play last weekend, per a few articles and reports.

Thread: Who should be and who will be the#1 playoff goalie

POLL: Who should be and who will be the #1 playoff goalie?

Thread: Halfway through the season

Surprises? Disappointments? Other thoughts?  How would you rate the season so far?  MVP? LVP? ROY? (for the Flyers)  Any big trades coming?  Thoughts for the 2nd half?

Thread: Flyers News/Updates/Rumors

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Thread: Around the league (non-Flyers) games/updates/news thread

[Editor’s note: PSC’s rolling news/update/other games GDTs discussion thread]