Feb 292012
Braydon Coburn Flyers Sharks 02.28.12

Photo: Don Smith/NHLI via Getty Images via flyers.com

Here’s a sampling of some recent/active threads from the PSC Flyers message board, including the first post of each.  Click the thread title to get the latest news and updates and to participate in the discussion:

Thread: GDT 2/28/12 Flyers @ San Jose 10:30PM

[Editor’s note: read through PSC’s Flyers-Sharks Gameday Thread for play by play reaction and recap of Tuesday’s game.] 

Thread: Civvy’s Trade Deadline Thread

[Editor’s note: PSC’s rolling discussion thread for the Flyers and NHL trade deadline rumors and transactions.]

Thread: Flyers News/Updates/Rumors

[Editor’s note:  check out PSC’s rolling thread for miscellaneous Flyers news, rumors, and info.]

Thread: Malkin’s Goal 2/25

[YouTube clip]  He’s pretty good.

Thread: 2011/2012 Flyers Picture Thread

[Editor’s note: rolling Flyers pictures and discussion.]

Thread: Flyers Fight Thread 2011-2012

[Editor’s note: rolling discussion with YouTube clips for Flyers fights.]

Thread: Around the league (non-Flyers) games/updates/news thread

[Editor’s note: PSC’s rolling news/update/other games GDTs discussion thread]

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