Oct 162011
Former Flyers captain Mike Richards celebrates the game winning goal with his Kings teammates

Former Flyers captain Mike Richards celebrates the game winning goal with his Kings teammates

Mike Richards’ return to Philly was triumphant as he and the Los Angeles Kings beat the Flyers 3-2 in overtime. Richards picked up the assist on the game winner as his pass in from the high slot was re-directed right into the net by defenseman Jack Johnson to seal the deal.

Richards got the last laugh, but the Flyers are still a very good team despite the massive offseason changes, though the high number of numbers is an early cause for concern.  Still, the team should be able to really make their presence felt in a wide open NHL.

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Thread: GDT 10/15 Return of Richards! FLYERS vs. KINGS 7:00pm

[Editor’s note: get a good recap of the game by reading through the posts in the Flyers-Kings Gameday Thread.]

Thread: You lack discipline!

After tonight’s game, this team has been shorthanded over 20 times in four games – many times unnecessarily (JVR). Bryzgalov seemed particularly pissed off after the game. Honestly, that seems to be this team’s glaring weakness – and it’s going to correct itself by January or so once some of the kids get more experience and the team gels.   Barring Pronger getting another back booboo, I honestly don’t see any reason why they can’t at least win one round in the playoffs. I think they could be even better than that.   Knibb High football rules.

Thread: Matt Read on the Point

Can we talk about this? I don’t get it. I’ll admit I really don’t know too much about the guy but he doesn’t seem overly confident back there and I didn’t think his skill set complemented point play.  He’s been a welcome addition so far, but I’m not so sure about his power play role.

Thread: Flyers Fight Thread 2011-2012

Hockey fights are awesome so I’m starting this rolling thread of Flyers fights for this year. I’ll add the fights after the game. Hopefully I won’t get lazy and give up half way through the year.

Thread: Hartnell bummed his buddies are gone?

Per RandyJMiller (retweeted by Lisa Hillary) #Flyers Hartnell on Richards “A 24-year-old multi-millionaire likes to have beers. What a shocker that is.”

Thread: Around the league (non-Flyers) games/updates/news thread

Canes/caps about to go to ot. Looks like caps are gonna be short handed to start it. Game on center ice free preview.