Oct 232011

After starting the season with a five game unbeaten streak, the Flyers have now lost two in a row thanks to Saturday night’s 4-2 loss to the St Louis Blues.  It’s still way early, but frustration is growing.

Here’s a sampling of some recent/active threads from the PSC Flyers message board, including the first post of each.  Click the title to check out each one…

Thread: GDT – 10/22 Blues vs Flyers – 7pm

[Editor’s note: check out the PSC Flyers-Blues Gameday thread for a recap of the conversation during Saturday night’s game]

Game highlights via philadelphiaflyers.com:

Thread: Frustration:

Its not just us folks. You can see it even in the players on ice expressions. Our defense is horrible. I really think Walker is better than Lilja. These lines need to be set here soon or its going to be a long year.

Thread: Want to trade…

….Andreas Lilja for a bag of pucks. This guy is ****ing brutal.  That is all.

Thread: Flyers Fight Thread 2011-2012

Hockey fights are awesome so I’m starting this rolling thread of Flyers fights for this year. I’ll add the fights after the game. Hopefully I won’t get lazy and give up half way through the year.

Thread: 2011/2012 Flyers Picture Thread

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