Oct 272011
Scott Hartnell Flyers vs Jets

Scott Hartnell scored the first of what would be many goals Thursday night

The good news?  The Flyers offense was on fire Thursday night, putting up eight goals on the newly reborn Winnipeg Jets.  The bad news?  The defense and goaltending were puke-worthy, allowing nine goals in a thrilling but sloppy loss.  Ridiculous.

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Thread: Flyers vs J-E-T-S, GDT 7pm 10/27/2011

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Game highlights via philadelphiaflyers.com:

Thread: Forget the sloppy D. Has the goaltending been sharp?


Thread: Frustration:

Its not just us folks. You can see it even in the players on ice expressions. Our defense is horrible. I really think Walker is better than Lilja. These lines need to be set here soon or its going to be a long year.

Thread: Holy Defense.

Seriously that was one of the worst defensive efforts I have seen put up by a Flyers team since Rathje was actually on the ice.  There is not a single less replaceable player on the Flyers than Pronger and it doesn’t help that this year they also decided to skimp out on the 6th defenseman. Having 2 7th defensemen in as you 5/6 and reordering the pairings to hide them is an absolute worst case scenario and it showed last night. On top of that Lilja and Walker are both slow and had to “step up” in a game against a speedy team that moves the puck well.  Montreal just laid out the gameplan on how to beat the Flyers while Pronger is out.  Laviollette better have chewed these guys out especially when it comes to playing strong in front of your own net and not giving up the crease or slot.  I felt bad for Bryz last night. On top of getting bad bounces this year, now he has he Phoenix D in front of him again.

Thread: Flyers – Rangers WINTER CLASSIC: 1.2.12 @ CBP

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Thread: 2012 NHL Entry Draft:

Pittsburg to host NHL Entry Draft June 22nd – 23rd.