Jan 032012
Claude Giroux scores a goal at the Winter Classic

Claude Giroux's goal wasn't enough at the Winter Classic

What a disappointing outcome for the Winter Classic.  Losing is one thing, choking it away is another, with the spectre of goalie unrest looming large.

Wasn’t that supposed to be a thing of the past?

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highlights via philadelphiaflyers.com:


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Thread: Can we officially kiss Mr Snider’s ring

Do we call him “Don” Snider? I never cared for Al “Soap Opera” Trautwig anyway.

Thread: Hypothetical Question RE: Lindros

What you be willing to give up from the current roster (players and picks) to acquire Eric Lindros circa 1996?  Can you imagine Lindros and Giroux being 1-2 down the middle? Jagr and Lindros on the PP together?  There will never be another player in this league like him IMO. Who even comes close at this point? Getzlaf? No. OV? Not in all areas. 

The guy could fight better than Shelley, had a better and more accurate wrist shot than Carter, played 2-way as good as Richards, could pass the puck as well as anyone on this team not named Giroux, was 4x as physical as Simmonds, and could aggrevate opponent exponentially more than Rinaldo.  I am extremely happy to have been able to watch that guy from the first day he put on the Orange and Black sweater until the day he rode off into the sunset out in Dallas.

Thread: The jacket the coaches are wearing.

They were awesome. And I really want one. Checked online and they do sell them, but holy sh-t at the price:

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Thread: Crosby Poll: Are you happy he is injured?

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Thread: World Juniors 2012 Thread

Canada up 2-0 on Finland right now. Game is on NHLN.  Lots of familiar names if you paid attention to this years draft. Huberdeau(FLA), Schieffle(WPG), etc…