Apr 142012
Flyers Penguins Playoffs Game 2

(photo: G.Shamus/NHLI via Getty Images/via flyers.com)

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Thread: Flyers – Pens ECQ Game 2 GDT; Fri at 7:30 on CSN/NBC Sports.

[Editor’s note: read through PSC’s Flyers-Penguins Gameday Thread for play by play reaction and recap of Friday’s game.]

Thread: Flyers – Pens: 2012 ECQ Playoff Series

Could be the most epic playoff series this team has seen in a long time (not including the Boston comeback).  FUCK. YES.

Thread: Sean Couturier Discussion

[Editor’s note: check out PSC’s rolling thread discussing all things Coots.]


[Editor’s note: check out another PSC rolling thread discussing Coots, specifically his Game 2 badassery.]

Thread: Last Philly Team As Likeable as This One?

The 2007 Phillies maybe (included Rowand)? Before that who? Likeable can be interpreted any number of ways, but this team meets all of them. They aren’t assholes like some of the “likeable” Philly players on other teams of the past, and they still have the attitude. The coach is great too.

Paul Holmgren may go down as the best GM this town has ever seen if they can finally get over the cup hump and do it a few times. Pat Gillick has him in that respect, but what Homer did in the offseason and the balls it took to do it are truly unmatched.

Thread: My favorite stat of this entire thing.

Last four meaningful games vs. the Penguins:

Pittsburgh led 2-0….Flyers win.
Pittsburgh led 2-0….Flyers win.
Pittsburgh led 3-0….Flyers win.
Pittsburgh led 2-0….Flyers win.

Thread: I have never ever seen

a goalie give up 5 goals and probably be one of the three stars. Bryz has indeed kept his game up to the level its been since the all star game.  The difference in this team? How about for years Richards and Carter were killed about their faceoffs and never seemed to improve. Infact it was Crosby owning both of them in the Playoffs 4 years ago when this started to be a concern. Giroux last year took some heat about his faceoffs and came in this year and really has been better than average and Couturier was killed earlier in the year about losing faceoffs and over the second part of the year has really showed improvement. These guys work hard to fix their game.  Matt Carle and Andreas Lilja suck

Thread: Flyers News/Updates/Rumors

[Editor’s note:  check out PSC’s rolling thread for miscellaneous Flyers news, rumors, and info.]

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