Oct 072011
Flyers Bruins Voracek goal

The Flyers celebrate Voracek's eventual game-winning goal

Not only did the Flyers win their first game of the season Thursday night, they did it against the hated Boston Bruins.  The PSC Flyers board is understandably happy.

Here’s a rundown of some recent/active threads, including the first post of each.  Click the title to check out each one…

Thread: GDT 10/6 Opening Day Hockey! Flyers vs. Boston; 7pm

I need to start thinking about hockey so why not get the GDT going! I am so excited to see what this new team can bring to the table this season. If Jagr can stay healthy and paired with Girioux I think we are in for one hell of a ride with those two. Oh yea, and there’s that Bryz guy in net.  Kinda sucks to have to start off the season up in Boston but let it serve as a reminder of what hard work and teamwork can accomplish.  Are you ready for some hockey?!

Thread: Game 1 Thoughts:

Overall I think we have a very soft team without Shelley. This team has a lot of energy and i love the fact we can use read and couturier on the PK. Nodl sucks. Get him out of here.  PK unit is going to be good. Couturier is only going to get better, and is already better than betts. Read How the fuck did he go undrafted. Kid showed lots of skill last night. Gerouixeee is just amazing to watch. Before you know it everyone will forget about the 2 frat boys. Even though he got pushed around like a rag doll by Chara JVR at least didn’t back down.

Thread: Ilya Bryzfuckinggalov

Made all the saves he was supposed to. Made some he wasn’t supposed to.  No leaky goals.  Held a 1 goal lead through two periods to get the 2-1 win.  Can actually help the D when handling the puck.  20 fucking years of bullshit for the Snider to finally get it right.  Yes I understand he will have bad game/goals, but I expect that to be the exception not the norm.

Thread: The 2011-12 Flyers Top Point Getter

[Poll] Who scores the most points for the Flyers this year?

Thread: Hypothetical: If Crosby can never play again, does he make the HHOF?

I don’t know how this came up but a couple of us at work started debating this today. Incredibly small body of work, but still won everything he possibly could in that window. I don’t care one way or another, just interested in hearing peoples take on it. Yeah I know, fuck me and Crosby.