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BAM on Boxing Promotions presents: The BeginningRay Robinson, not the original Sugar Ray Robinson but the New Ray Robinson, carries the name of an all-time great.  At heart, though, he’s simply a down-to-earth guy trying to make his own way in the world.

I asked the New Ray Robinson to talk about himself, but the first thing he wanted to do was let me know he has six other siblings.  He mentioned nothing of the hardships he endured growing up.  He said his mother is his “Rock” — the source of his mental strength and drive!  He idolizes her.  She dealt with adversity raising seven kids on her own but managed to keep them together.

Robinson spoke about Howard “Moses” Mosley, his trainer and, in Robinson’s words, his “father”.  He said Mosley–regarded as one of the best trainers in Philadelphia–would pick him up every day and take him to the gym along with other kids.  Robinson said Mosley helped him and so many other kids that he lost count.  There is true respect between these two.  Adversity and sacrifice have welded them together for life.

I remember my first time meeting the duo—they seemed inseparable.  You could tell by looking at Robinson and Mosley that they had been working together for a long time and Robinson looked up to his trainer.

As an amateur, Robinson won the Junior Olympics and Silver Gloves. He was the member of the US Boxing Team.  He lived at Marquette University in Michigan, where he attended school.  He boxed in Italy, Russia, Turkey and Canada on Team USA.

His professional record (11-2, 4 K0s) is impressive, especially considering the stiff competition he has faced.  Robinson is not afraid to take risks.  He will fight anyone at any time.   The tall southpaw is coming off of a 14-month layoff and is ready to get his feet wet again.

In an era when undefeated fighters are maneuvered through the rankings, Robinson has taken the tough fights that others do not.  His opponents include Eberto Medina, Darnell Jiles, Brad Solomon and Shawn Porter.  Robinson has fought on television a few times and has never disappointed his fans, regardless of the outcome.

When you see him fight, watch every move he makes.  He knows angles and has solutions for almost anything his opponents bring to the ring.

Outside the ring, Robinson married his girlfriend of six years, Angie, a native of Detroit.  She believes in Robinson and she moved to Philadelphia to support him and start their family.  They have a 3-year-old daughter named Mya.  Robinson has a father-daughter connection that is stronger than any other relationship in his life.  His daughter comes first!

Robinson trains at the Joe Hand Boxing Gym on North 3rd Street.  Previously, he worked out of the Front Street gym in Kensington, where I first saw the connection between father and daughter.  He would ride the bus to the gym with his daughter, her stroller, the baby bag and his boxing bag and he would carry her up the steps of the gym and take care of her while he was training.  She is not only his motivation, but also his world.

Robinson is one of the nicest guys you could meet–until you get him in the ring on fight night.  Then he becomes a different person.  His never loses focus.  He sticks to boxing basics, starting every combination with the jab.  It seems like once fighters get to have 10 fights, they focus on a television shot.  Not Robinson!  He is focused on solely on fighting at home again for the second time in his professional career.  He wants to build a relationship with Philadelphia fans and continue fighting in the area.

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