Feb 242011

Phillies manager Charlie Manuel speaks to the team
Phillies manager Charlie Manuel speaks to the team

By Justin Adkins

From MLB.com comes this fantastic video of Phillies skipper Charlie Manuel’s opening speech to the team on the first day of full squad workouts.  It really needs no preamble. 

Today’s meeting to me, I worry about it sometimes, or I’m very concerned because I think coming in here coming into Spring Training you set the tone right off the bat in Spring Training you know like what you think the players and the team kind of buy in to that.   

And that’s one of the things we’ve always had here when I stand up is we want to keep the good things, the things that make our team go.  We got guys in here I know that’s on a big league that’s made a commitment to themselves and to baseball.  I know we got those kind of guys and that’s actually what makes up our team.  And their attitude definitely rubs off on some other guys and I know that’s what makes our team. 

Cliff came aboard this winter. What’d you say, Cliff, about winnin’? He said he come here to win. Roy Halladay came last year. Said he picked us cause he came here to win. Roy Oswalt came here during the middile of the summer.  He said he came here to win a World Series.  You know winning a World Series is hard and what does that tell you?  That means we gotta play hard.  That means it’s gotta be an every day commitment.  And when we out on the field that means we’re gonna win on that day. 

Even keel, everything stays even keel. Going to the World Series is one of the biggest things in the world. We won one, and we’ve had a chance to win a couple more. But we want to win some more, don’t we, Ut? We want to get back and we want to win some more and it’s not easy! But you know what, I look around and I know, I see, I see the talent we got sittin’ in this room. 

Can we do it? You damn right. 

And then when we go outside today that right there is basically what our goal is.  Our ultimate goal is to win the World Series and how we gonna do it?  It’s because you’re going to get along with your teammates and you’re going to respect them. 

The biggest thing about it though is we come here to win, and we come here to have fun, and how do you have fun?  The more fun that we have the more we can win. 

Awesome.  You can also watch it on the Phillies site here

Hey Rube, you better get Charlie re-signed ASAP as there is no one better to lead this team right now or in the future.  Make it happen. 

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