Aug 072010

August 7 Philadelphia Daily News

“He was greeted by some of the greatest names in franchise history: Mike Schmidt, Steve Carlton, Jim Bunning. He was also joined on the podium by some of his teammates on the 1993 team, including John Kruk, Jim Eisenreich, Dave Hollins, Kevin Stocker and Kevin Jordan.

Darren Daulton was officially added to the Phillies Wall of Fame in a ceremony before last night’s game, an occasion marked by a short speech and the unveiling of his plaque in Ashburn Alley.

“I’m not sure if I’m quite worthy to be next to some of those names up there, but that’s what you get when you stuff the ballot box,” he joked shortly before his induction.

The Phillies have had better teams than the one that lost to the Blue Jays in the World Series in 1993, but few that have captured the imagination of the city the way that band of free spirits did.”

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