Do all statheads hate Cliff Lee?

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Jan 042011
Phillies ace Cliff Lee

Phillies ace Cliff Lee

Or just their hero, Bill James?

The 2011 Bill James Handbook  is apparently out, and according to the number crunchers, the Phillies recent superstar acquisition is going to forget how to throw strikes.

Here’s the Phillies 2011 rotation performance projection (via the ZoZone):

Roy Halladay3.1618924538190
Roy Oswalt3.3816922152176
Cole Hamels3.4515921958209
Cliff Lee3.50141021649169

James must not be a big fan of the Four Horseman.  Probably not a fan of life away from the calculator either, but I digress…

Win/Loss projection is pointless anyway, but what’s up with Lee’s walk total?  He had 18 in 2010 — which is unreal and will be very difficult to replicate — buy to say he’ll near-triple it is a major stretch.  Roy Halladay had 30 and projects to 38, but now Cliff is going to walk almost 50?

The calculator crowd would be better served watching more games and juggling fewer fantasy lineups.

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