Apr 042010

by Kevin Franklin

38 “experts” prognosticate on the 2010 end of season awards. Your mileage may vary.

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Listed below are the cumulative tallies for which players they expect to win the following awards:

Evan Longoria, Rays (9 votes)
Alex Rodriguez, Yankees (7)
Joe Mauer, Twins (6)
Mark Teixeira, Yankees (6)
Miguel Cabrera, Tigers (5)
Kevin Youklis, Red Sox (2)
Nelson Cruz, Rangers (1)
Derek Jeter, Yankees (1)
Justin Morneau, Twins (1)

I cut Evan Longoria from my fantasy team in his rookie year. He then proceeded to catch fire with another team, so, naturally, I hate him. Alex Rodriguez gets the emeritus votes. He’s the Meryl Streep of AL players. Really, there’s nothing unusual about this list outside of Kevin Youklis, UNLESS YOU COUNT NELSON FREAKING CRUZ! Look, I know all about Cruz. I had him in last year’s league after some expert research on my part. Then he had to go and do the Home Run Derby thing last year and ever since, my strategy of swooping in and grabbing him this year was shredded. He’s not going anywhere near the MVP trophy if that batting average continues to weigh him down like a wet burlap jacket.

AL Cy Young
Felix Hernandez, Mariners (15)
Jon Lester, Red Sox (9)
C.C. Sabathia, Yankees (8)
Justin Verlander, Tigers (3)
Jake Peavy, White Sox (2)
Zack Greinke, Royals (1)

King Felix getting a lot of love from these guys. He turns 24 on April 8, but it feel like he’s been around for a long time. Hell, I have milk in my fridge older than that. This will be his sixth season and his ERA has been dropping in huge slices every year since 2006. He’s a horse. Jake Peavy gets two votes from Pascarelli and Sutcliffe. I suppose they guess the former Padre will “be in the mood” to pitch this year. Zack Greinke, your reigning Cy Young winner, is just 26 but only received one vote. Frankly, I’m impressed the “experts” who voted for Jon Lester didn’t just put “Red Sox pitching staff” as a collective vote.

AL Rookie of the Year
Brain Matusz, Orioles (16)
Austin Jackson, Tigers (7)
Scott Sizemore, Tigers (7)
Wade Davis, Rays (3)
Neftali Feliz, Rangers (3)
Alex Avila, Tigers (1)
Carlos Santana, Indians (1)

Brian Matusz is being regarded as the best thing to toe the rubber for the Orioles since Jim Palmer…or Ben McDonald. The kid has great stuff, but he is pitching in the AL East, which is like finally dating the head cheerleader only to find out she has herpes. His WHIP, ERA and Batting Avg Against (BAA) were not sparkling, but he’s from Grand Junction, CO, home of Mesa State College, and any mention of the name “Mesa” generates warm fuzzies ’round these parts. The Tigers have three, count ’em, THREE rookies receiving votes, yet they have fewer combined votes (15) than Matusz. Carlos Santana might be a little old to win the award. He was at Woodstock, for heaven’s sake.

Albert Pujols, Cardinals (16)
Troy Tulowitzki, Rockies (5)
Hanley Ramirez, Marlins (4)
Chase Utley, Phillies (4)
Prince Fielder, Brewers (2)
Ryan Howard, Phillies (2)
Matt Kemp, Dodgers (2)
Ryan Braun, Brewers (1)
Andre Ethier, Dodgers (1)
Matt Holliday, Cardinals (1)

Albert Pujols is at the top of the list. Never saw that coming. But, I bet you DID see Troy Tulowitzki easing into the #2 slot in the voting, right? The usual suspects are here: Hanley Ramirez, Chase Utley. Prince Fielder, Ryan Howard, etc. The two Dodgers, Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier, whom I cannot tell apart, statistically, could make some noise. Ryan Braun, surprisingly, only garnered one vote. I think he’ll find himself closer to the top of the list at the end of the year, so you know what will happen – he’ll suffer a season-ending injury next week.

NL CY Young
Roy Halladay, Phillies (24)
Tim Lincecum, Giants (6)
Matt Cain, Giants (2)
Adam Wainwright, Cardinals (2)
Cole Hamels, Phillies (1)
Tommy Hanson, Braves (1)
Dan Haren, Diamondbacks (1)
Ubaldo Jiminez, Rockies (1)

“For erections lasting more than four hours, please consult a physician.” That’s how we all must feel seeing Roy Halladay not only leading this list but PWNING it. Party’s over, Lincecum. You got your two Cy Youngs, now go sit down. Matt Cain plays Don Drysdale to Lincecum’s Sandy Koufax, but unless Cain, too, makes a guest appearance on The Brady Bunch, I’m not worried. It is great to see so many new names on this list, not the least of which is Cole Hamels, who was voted on by some cat named Jon Weisman, who is obviously a very fine human being. Second year pitcher Tommy Hanson also received a single vote, which is not as crazy as it might appear. Ubaldo Jiminez has angry stuff and has the best chance of someone whose name begins with the letter “U” winning this award. Sorry Ugueth Urbina fans who are hoping for the reliever’s comeback after he’s done murdering half of Argentina.

NL Rookie of the Year
Jason Heyward, Braves (31)
Alcides Escobar, Brewers (4)
Aroldis Chapman, Red (1)
Buster Posey, Giants (1)
Stephen Strasburg, Nationals (1)

Jason Heyward comes with so much hype I’m surprised he didn’t receive votes for AL Rookie of the Year, too. He’s already preparing his Hall of Fame speech, developing a cure for cancer and will be the next American Idol. Personally, I think Alcides Escobar has a great chance to make off with this award. I have to say that because he’s the only other NL rookie to receive more than one vote. I’m always wary of those Cuban pitchers, so I have absolutely no opinion on Aroldis Chapman except to wonder how a Cuban exile has a last name of “Chapman.” Buster Posey was just sent down as he’s currently blocked at his position by one of the 500 Catching Molina Brothers (CMB), who are the Wayans Brothers of baseball. It’s a good thing he’s ticketed for stardom because that name opens itself up to all sorts of comedy gold. As for this Stephen Strasburg kid, I haven’t heard a damn thing. It’s not like the kid throws hard or anything.

My picks for the awards:

AL MVP: Evan Longoria, Rays
AL Cy Young: Justin Verlander, Tigers
AL ROY: Jason Heyward, Braves…ok, Scott Sizemore, Tigers

NL MVP: Albert Pujols, Cardinals
NL Cy Young: Roy Halladay
NL ROY: Alcides Escobar, Brewers

Who gets your vote?