Aug 312011
Former Phillies CF Aaron Rowand

Could the Phillies bring back Aaron Rowand?

The San Francisco Giants have designated outfielder and former Phillie Aaron Rowand for assignment.

The Phillies were rumored to be discussing a trade for Rowand this past offseason and per Todd Zolecki it’s a situation worth watching.  As the team gets ready to set it’s roster for the playoffs and run to the World Series, adding a veteran leader to the bench could make sense. 

Rowand has won two World Series, one with the Chicago White Sox in 2005 and then last season with the Giants.

Rowand’s arrival in Philadelphia in 2006 was a major factor in a continued paradigm shift for the organization, ironically being traded from the White Sox for the guy who got the whole thing rolling — Jim Thome.  Then-Phillies general manager Pat Gillick would go on that season to dump the lifeless Bobby Abreu and continue the assertion of a new attitude of winning.  It was those moves, along with development of stars Cole Hamels, Chase Utley, and Ryan Howard that eventually carried the team and city all the way to the World Bleeping Championship in 2008.

Unfortunately all Rowand got of Philadelphia was a busted face, as he left for huge free agent dollars after the 2007 season.  But before that he became a bit of a legend with his fearless faceplant into the centerfield fence, and with that game-saving catch showed the organization what things could be like in a post-Abreu world. 

After the game, a reporter channeled the spirit of Ricky Watters and asked Rowand “for who, for what?”  The outfielder’s response was awesome.

“For who?  My teammates.  For what?  To win.”

The guy who was as afraid of outfield fences as dogs are of Michael Vick was traded barely more than two months after Rowand’s amazing catch.

Now’s a chance for Rowand to come back and enjoy the spoils of an era he contributed to creating.  The only problem is the Phillies need to move fast to have Rowand along for the postseason ride — playoff rosters must be set by midnight on August 31.

Get off the golf course and get on the phone, Rube.

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