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Phillies RF Domonic Brown

Phillies RF Domonic Brown

By Justin Adkins:

Greg Gross is already actively contributing to the team as the Phillies hitting coach and the season has yet to even begin.

As he prepares for his role in making the 2011 Philles offense great, Greg has masterminded a theory that should help improve Domonic Brown’s offensive performance immediately — Gross advised Brown to hold his hands lower in his batting stance.

Now, anyone who has ever seen a Domonic Brown at bat knows this is blatantly obvious and a clear point of possible coaching, and Greg Gross is no exception.

“A lot of times, it’s not that obvious,” Gross said. “This one was obvious.”

But the reason Gross makes the big bucks is he took it one step further, noticing that towards the end of the season Brown was holding the bat even higher than usual, which led Gross to consult with Brown’s past coaches in the minors to see if he was on to something.

And apparently he was!

So Gross sat down with Brown and advised the youngster to take it down a notch, literally, and Brown agreed.  Gross was clearly impressed with this revelation-turned-correction.

“The good part about it is it didn’t have anything to do with his swing,” Gross said. “It was just the position he was in to get started – and that wasn’t that bad, either. It was just the timing of when he got to the place where he was ready to swing. Then [his hands] would drop even more and he’d be late.”

With Spring Training ready to commence, Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. will be closely monitoring Brown’s progress, likely staying especially watchful that Gross’ coaching is taking effect.

“We’ll have our eyes on how he handles all aspects of the game. How he runs the bases, how he handles the outfield, how he swings the bat,” Amaro said. “The numbers don’t matter as much to me. I think it’s just getting enough eyes on him – Charlie and his staff, the front-office staff – to come together and make the right decision on what we think will be the best chance for us to win on a daily basis.” 

Luckily for the Phillies and Dom Brown, Greg Gross’ bespectled eyes miss nothing.

DISCLAIMER – the smartass nature of this article is a reflection of the author’s own inherent personality and in no way should be construed as an Eskin-esque level of inappropriate bitchiness and/or douchieness in the face of this unprecedented feel-good time in Phillies history.  Let’s go Phils!

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