Halladay finally gets playoff start

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Oct 062010
Phillies ace Roy Halladay

Phillies ace Roy Halladay

October 6 Camden Courier-Post:

“What makes Roy Halladay unique, what makes him so good, is his rigid adherence to routine.

What makes today’s start so special for Halladay, the reason he fought to come to Philadelphia, is that this game will be so different from everything he’s done before.

It’s a dichotomy Halladay is quick to acknowledge, but one he won’t let overwhelm him as he prepares for the first postseason start of his 13-year career.

“I think any time you put an emphasis on something or create a situation that really isn’t there, I think you snowball problems for yourself,” said Halladay, who won 21 games in his first season with the Phillies. “You do the best you can to keep things normal, make it a normal game.”

Today’s start in Game 1 of the National League Division Series against Cincinnati is anything but normal for a pitcher who spent 12 years toiling in the relative obscurity of Toronto, always on the outskirts of the playoff race. So for so many Octobers past, Halladay has watched the playoffs on TV, always dreaming of what this moment would be like. In a way, it prepared him for this moment when his dreams have become reality.

“You get in your regular routine and a lot of that envisioning that you normally do once the season’s over and you’re watching other people go through it kind of goes away,” Halladay said. “It kind of takes on the normal process of preparing yourself and going out.”

The preparation for the playoffs has been a bit different than what Halladay is used to, however, and for someone who takes preparation as seriously as he does, that was a tough adjustment.

But now that the games are here and Halladay knows when he’ll be pitching, he’s found comfort in a regular routine.”

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