Happy Birthday Harry Kalas

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Mar 262011
Phillies broadcast legend Harry Kalas

Phillies broadcast legend Harry Kalas

By Justin Adkins:

The late, great Harry Kalas would have been 75 years old today.  Still hard to believe he’s gone. 

Phillies broadcasts are obviously not the same, but it goes beyond that.  His voice is so ingrained in the collective consciousness of Phillies fandom that even now it still doesn’t seem real that he’s gone.  That it’s no longer possible to kick back on a lazy summer Sunday afternoon, closing our eyes while listening to the broadcast and just feel baseball is still hard to accept. 

Most of us may not have known him personally, but his impact goes far beyond that.  We know the memories his voice connects to, with his voice a near daily presence in our lives for summers too numerous to count.  The warm breezes of July never felt better when complemented by the warmth of Kalas’ voice.  It’s those thoughts driving that small feeling of loss in each of us every time we watch a new game.

The place in each of us where the love of Phillies baseball usually resides, a spark that normally burns so brightly is a little dimmer now, especially as we reflect back on what we had.

That’s what Harry brought, and the only shame bigger than him being gone is that the next generation of Phillies fans will grow up never knowing what they missed.

The other shame of course is that they will be reared on Tom McCarthy, but I digress.

You’re missed Harry.  Thanks for giving us the memories of every goose-bump inducing call.  We may never get new ones, but thanks to the internet we will never forget.  Who says it’s only good for free porn and loosely run sports websites?

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