Jul 202010

by Justin Adkins

In the latest bit of evidence that Twitter is lame, some random Cardinals fan tattle-tale tweeted that he saw the Phillies’ Jayson Werth and Chase Utley at a St Louis area casino in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The offending tweet (posted just before 4am):

Jason Werth and a some other Phaillies are at a St. Louis casino at this hour. Hope they play extra crappy tomorrow.

Clever play on the word Phillies there.  Who knew Mid-Westerners could be so witty? 

So while the guys were playing Blackjack, this clearly special Cards fan was running to tweet about the supposed shenanigans.  Wonder if he politely clapped when Werth busted taking that last ill-advised card?

Now, listening to local sports talk radio today, you’d think that a player struggling like Jayson Werth should be home in bed at dusk each night or he’s some kind of deviant or that he must not take the game seriously.  That may or may not be true, but him being out on the town is not the reason why.

Baseball players are still people, and when normal people are struggling, a great way to get through it is to blow off steam through, ahem, leisure activities.  Some go on vacation.  Some hit the club.  Some go on a bender.  Some go play Blackjack with the guys. 

Big deal.

The Phillies play at 8:15 Tuesday.  That’s PM, not AM.  Werth will have had plenty of time to rest, assuming of course that he wasn’t still chasing his bankroll until past sunrise.

Yes, Werth needs to get better.  And his recent brushes with poor behavior aren’t helping him in the realm of public opinion (no wittily constructed tweet on whether he dropped an eff bomb on the dealer for giving him a face card with a 12 showing).  

But that doesn’t mean he has to become an obsessive shut-in.  Should he instead sit in his hotel room constantly replaying his last at bat in his head, worrying over why he lets his bat sit on his shoulder while hittable pitches breeze by?  No.  That would just wear him down mentally even more. 

Werth is entitled to live his life.  Hopefully he doesn’t crap out tonight.

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