Jul 212010

by Justin Adkins

The most recent chatter regarding the Phillies quest to add pitching and/or trade Jayson Werth is that discussions are ongoing with the Tampa Bay Rays.

The idea is that the Rays, who want a bat to add to their lineup, will get Werth and then in turn send prospects to Houston, who will send RHP Roy Oswalt to the Phillies.

The deal on paper is a good one for all involved (assuming the Astros GM, one Ed Wade, doesn’t get fleeced with subpar prospects).  The biggest question from the Phillies perspectives continues to be money.  Will they agree to pick up Oswalt’s 2012 $16 million option on top of paying him the remainder of his $15 million salary this and his $16 million salary in 2011?

10 days until the Trade Deadline.

UPDATE:  The Rays have a scout at the Phillies Single A Lakewood game tonight.

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