Manuel must make All-Star picks

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Jul 032010

July 3 Wilmington News Journal

 “Phillies manager Charlie Manuel said he’s consumed with his team’s play.

But by Sunday at noon, Manuel will have to make some decisions that could be felt both in his clubhouse and in the World Series.

As manager for the National League All-Star team, it is up to Manuel to pick the reserves.

He’ll have about 10 reserves to choose once the fan voting determines the starters and the player voting determines some of the reserves.

The league that wins the All-Star game gets home-field advantage in the World Series. The National League hasn’t won the midsummer classic since 1996. This season it will be held in Anaheim, Calif., on July 13.

So does Manuel take someone like Ryan Howard at first base over someone like San Diego’s Adrian Gonzalez or Cincinnati’s Joey Votto? Or does he take 47-year-old pitcher Jamie Moyer over someone like San Diego’s Mat Latos, or even rookie sensation Stephen Strasburg, who will make his sixth major-league start today for the Washington Nationals?

There’s a good chance Roy Halladay will get chosen by the players.

Manuel also has to make sure each team has at least one representative, which could come at the expense of a more deserving player.

Last year, Manuel selected Howard and Jayson Werth as reserves while Chase Utley and Raul Ibanez were voted in as starters. Shane Victorino won the fan balloting for the last spot on the roster.”

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