Aug 102011

phillies logoMajor League Baseball announced today the planned schedule for the the 2011 playoffs.

Even after the World Bleeping Championship in 2008, it’s still hard to believe we’re at a point that the Phillies are a team that not only will make the playoffs, but anything short of a World Series is a major disappointment.

Here’s the official schedule, which is of course subject to change:

Major League Baseball 2011 Postseason Schedule
FridaySeptember 30ALDS A, Game 1TBS
FridaySeptember 30ALDS B, Game 1TBS
SaturdayOctober 1ALDS A, Game 2TBS
SaturdayOctober 1ALDS B, Game 2TBS
SaturdayOctober 1NLDS A, Game 1TBS
SaturdayOctober 1NLDS B, Game 1TBS
SundayOctober 2NLDS A, Game 2TBS
SundayOctober 2NLDS B, Game 2TBS
MondayOctober 3ALDS A, Game 3TBS
MondayOctober 3ALDS B, Game 3TBS
TuesdayOctober 4ALDS A, Game 4TBS
TuesdayOctober 4ALDS B, Game 4TBS
TuesdayOctober 4NLDS A, Game 3TBS
TuesdayOctober 4NLDS B, Game 3TBS
WednesdayOctober 5NLDS A, Game 4TBS
WednesdayOctober 5NLDS B, Game 4TBS
ThursdayOctober 6ALDS A, Game 5TBS
ThursdayOctober 6ALDS B, Game 5TBS
FridayOctober 7NLDS A, Game 5TBS
FridayOctober 7NLDS B, Game 5TBS
SaturdayOctober 8ALCS Game 1FOX
SundayOctober 9NLCS Game 1TBS
SundayOctober 9ALCS Game 2FOX
MondayOctober 10NLCS Game 2TBS
TuesdayOctober 11ALCS Game 3FOX
WednesdayOctober 12ALCS Game 4FOX
WednesdayOctober 12NLCS Game 3TBS
ThursdayOctober 13ALCS Game 5FOX
ThursdayOctober 13NLCS Game 4TBS
FridayOctober 14NLCS Game 5TBS
SaturdayOctober 15ALCS Game 6FOX
SundayOctober 16NLCS Game 6TBS
SundayOctober 16ALCS Game 7FOX
MondayOctober 17NLCS Game 7TBS
WednesdayOctober 19World Series, Game 1FOX
ThursdayOctober 20World Series, Game 2FOX
FridayOctober 21OFF DAY
SaturdayOctober 22World Series, Game 3FOX
SundayOctober 23World Series, Game 4FOX
MondayOctober 24World Series, Game 5FOX
TuesdayOctober 25OFF DAY
WednesdayOctober 26World Series, Game 6FOX
ThursdayOctober 27World Series, Game 7FOX