Sep 142011

Phillies magic number 4Thanks to another dominant performance by Roy Halladay, the Phillies have officially locked up at least the National League Wild Card and are guaranteed a spot in the playoffs.

The win over Houston Wednesday also brings the Phillies magic number to clinch the NL East down to 4.  The Braves already played and won today so the number can’t be dropped again until Thursday.  The Phils win also ends a ridiculous three-game losing streak featuring two embarrassing defeats by the lowly, Ed Wade-led Astros.

The Phillies hadn’t lost three in a row since the first week in June and have won 12 of their last 17 games.  We are truly spoiled by this incredible era of Phillies baseball.  Of course, things will turn pretty sour if this season doesn’t culminate with a World Series championship.

For their part, the Phillies know that anything less won’t cut it.  That point is illustrated by the fact that there was no premature, overdone celebration either on the field or in the clubhouse after the final out.  No champagne baths and breathless locker room reporting.  They know it’s win it all or be a complete failure.  After the game, Charlie Manuel drove that point home.

“We ain’t ready to celebrate yet.”

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