Dec 202011
Former GM Ed Wade is back with the Phillies

Former GM Ed Wade is back with the Phillies

The Phillies have re-hired former general manager Ed Wade, and both he and Ruben Amaro should be thanking Bill Conlin today.  That’s because the move is getting buried under a much more serious news item.  Otherwise, Phillies fans would likely be laughing out loud and/or questioning Amaro’s sanity. 

Of course, Amaro seems happy about it.

“Ed had a very positive impact on the success we had in 2008 and his experience and knowledge will be a solid addition to what I feel is as good a baseball operations staff as there is in the game,” Amaro said today in a statement.  This is not a joke.

Wade will serve as an arbitration consultant and scout for both the major and minor league levels, per CSN Philly.  He was fired last month by the new ownership group of the Houston Astros.

The formerly bespectacled Wade was the Phillies assistant general manager from 1989 until 1998, when he was promoted to the full time gig.  He was thankfully fired in 2005.  Wade’s tenure came to epitomize yet another underachieving and futility-filled era of Phillies baseball and the calls for his head have been going on longer than the ones for Andy Reid’s. 

And really, despite what Amaro says, Wade really shouldn’t be taking any credit for any success the team has had since former Phillies personnel guru Mike Arbuckle was primarily repsonsible for identifying key talent like Jimmy Rollins, Cole Hamels, Chase Utley, and other pieces of the championship core.  Wade was busy giving away Curt Schilling and Scott Rolen and over-paying stiffs like Mike Lieberthal, Bobby Abreu, and David Bell. 

Really, what is Amaro thinking?  This guy only serves to make people angry and to remember the bad old times.  With the memory of 2008 fading more and more every year bringing in someone who is synonymous with losing is simply a bad idea.

This team better win again soon.

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